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Bikini body: Let’s all start hula hooping

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Hi there, this post will be about sports. Sports? Yes, sports! As a kid I played tennis, and during my teens athletics. Nevertheless I have never been really into sports. Which is fine, but now I’m a (little) bit older I don’t feel good about myself when doing nothing at all. Fortunately I have no predisposition to gain weight, but I feel like doing sports should be part of my lifestyle for health purposes. Health equals beauty from the inside and outside right?

Last year I started running a couple of times a week. I felt healthier and more energetic but after a while, running and the park bored me. Oh and it didn’t help that winter season started. I have never been to a gym, and I don’t feel it will be something for me. All those sweaty people in one room, iehh. And team sports cost too much time, at least that’s what I think. Anyways, as you see I have no difficulty finding excuses not to do sports.

Until now, recently I’ve heard about fitness hooping. I liked hula hooping as a kid (just like jumping rows) and I am pretty good at it. Where others can’t hold the hula hoop high I can go on, and on, and on.

My birthday party was last week and my friends bought me a hula hoop, yaaay! In contrary to regular hula hoops this one is quite heavy, 1.5 kg. The hoop comes with the advice to start hooping 2-3 minutes a day, otherwise you will get bruces because of the weight. In the second week you may lengthen the time to 5-10 minutes.

Let’s be a bit more concrete, some benefits of hula hooping:
– It strengthens your abdominal-, back, leg- and buttock muscles
– It reduces your waist size
– Improved overall condition
– More flexible back and hips :-)
– Better blood circulation
– It promotes digestion

There are many more benefits of hula hooping, but for me the most important thing is that I like to do it. Obviously not all articles about hula hooping are positive. But there are two sides to every story. I’ll try to do it for a longer period & will give you regular updates :-)

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