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How to view a website in 3D?

First of all, I have decided to follow a slightly different direction with my blog. Normally I write about girly stuff (at least that is how I see it), from now one these ‘girly’ posts will be interspersed with posts about the online world, as I am an online marketer and I love it. And I think if more people know more about it, they will love it too. I will regularly draw up a question and explain it in detail. Online marketing is a rather broad concept, so expect to read about very different topics. Depending on the things I come across and interest / amaze me. I, myself have a lot to learn, but I think I can definitely teach you something.

We start with a simple question, ‘How to view a website in 3D?’

1. Browser – open or download Mozilla Firefox
2. Website – go to the website you would like to see in 3D
3. Inspect element – right click on your mouse and go to inspect element
4. Inspector – check in the navigation bar if you’re on the right tab, which is ‘Inspector’
5. Toolbox Options – click on the settings wheel (here named ‘Toolbox Options’)
6. 3D View – make sure ‘3D View’ is checked (you find this one under ‘Available Toolbox Buttons’)
7. Inspector – go back to Inspector
8. 3D View – click on the 3D box in the upper right corner
9. Website – go back to the website you want to see in 3D
10. Play – move it around with your mouse to take a look from all sides

Below a print screen of  in 3D view, pretty cool right? If you want to know why viewing your website in 3D can be useful take a look at this article on 3D view. The coolest part is that you  can see any website in 3D.

website in 3D

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