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Mijn liefde voor oude deuren, snap jij het?

Wie mij op Instagram volgt is het vast al opgevallen dat ik iets heb met oude deuren (met name oude deuren in extravagante kleuren). Ze hebben iets, en dat iets wordt perfect beschreven in dit liedje van Ilse de Lange.

Someone put a lock on this old door, It’s been beaten up and used and more
It’s been kicked a hundred thousand times, It’s keeping all the memories behind

If you read the lines between the paint, Look beyond the cracks that store away
It’s hidden in the windows of the walls, Right behind the eyes that saw it all

Given all the facts of circumstance, I did not believe that a romance
Would show itself in all this dark and blue, That’s the only place I ever knew

You put me outside my safety-zone, Outside all the lines that made my home
To find out that no one really lives, Without giving what it is you give

A miracle looking in my life, A mirror-ball showing me all these faces
A miracle looking in my life, after all, A miracle looking in my life
A mirror-ball showing me all these faces, A miracle, a miracle, a miracle

I’ve been living underneath my skin, Everything I felt I kept it in
It carried all the words without a sound, It got to me, it almost got too loud

But now that my arms are holding on, To someone as sacred as a song
To the one who wants to be my own, I have found that blood can come from stones

oude deur Parijs

oude oranje deur

oude blauwe deur

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